Heavy from the pits of nothingness

From the first seconds of every song, it can be heard, that something really heavy is about to be played.

That is the signature of Bloody Falls!

Thanatos album

New album out April 27th!

Our debut album 'Thanatos' is released April 27th by Inverse Records.

Track list: 1. We Rise Again, 2. My Halo Of Flame, 3. Amongst The Living Dead, 4. Nocturnal, 5. Thanatos, 6. New Empty, 7. Cry for Freedom, 8. Die With Honor, 9. Defiance, 10. Virtual Reality


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bloody falls band

Meet the band

DOB: 2017 Style: Heavy Metal Record Label: Inverse Records

The band was formed at summer 2017 by a group of crazy individuals that had one thing in common, play music and share the heavy madness with others. We like to think that our music style is unique, fresh and brings something different to the genre. With the debut album, Thanatos (2018), we are going to enter the music industry with a (head)bang.

Vocals: Tanawat Thongprem Guitar: Stavros Mathios Guitar: Marko Mäkinen Bass: Mika Lehtinen Drums: Rami Vartiainen